Local Environmental Management in Urban Areas - ASIA

Decentralization and Environmental Management are priority areas in development cooperation. Simultaneously, urbanisation is one of the global processes which will have a major impact on the preconditions for sustainable development and poverty reduction. SIPU International AB, in consortium with SWECO VIAK, is implementing the International Training Programme on Local Environmental Management in Urban Areas. The Programme comprises the intersection between these three global processes and invites Local Environmental Managers in Urban Areas to attend the Programme.

The Program objectives are to to ensure that the participants:

1. Acquire an understanding and knowledge of the general preconditions for local environmental management in urban areas.

2. Are able to implement a project for change to improve the local environmental management in their home countries.

3. Acquire a network for interchange of experiences and support between the participants The programme extends over several months, including long-distance mentoring, with a total of four weeks scheduled training activities in both Sweden and the home region of the participants.

Target countries for the 2012 training is Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, East Timor and Vietnam.

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