FCG integrates ORGUT and SIPU to further strengthen its position as the leading Nordic development consulting group

FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd has acquired the entire share capital of the leading Swedish development consulting company ORGUT Consulting AB from its shareholders. ORGUT will be merged with another veteran in the business, FCG’s Swedish subsidiary FCG SIPU International AB.

-         This transaction implements FCG’s strategy by complementing FCG’s diverse service portfolio and resources in development consulting ...

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Author: Josua Falck Posted 18 days ago.
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Delegation från Guangzhou Administration College

On the 3d of December 2015 the Delegation from the Guangzhou Administration College (China) visited SIPU International.

Our experts presented the specific features of training in the Swedish civil service, including the establishment of civil servant training system, the civil service management system, research development and application of public resources management, urban management public service platform construction in practice.

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Author: Anastasia Yermoshenko Posted about 1 month ago.
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SIPU's Presentation at Stockholm's Civil Society Week

On October 15th Christian Carlbaum, together with the evaluation team from the Institute of Development Studies, presented on the finalised three year evaluation of Sweden’s Civil Society Strategy 2010–2014. The purpose of the evaluation was to find out if, how and why/why not the support via the Swedish CSOs through their national partners has contributed to the overall objectives of the strategy to create conditions to enable poor and discriminated people to improve ...

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Author: Christian Carlbaum Posted 3 months ago.
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Organisational Needs Assessments for the Sida funded GROW Programme in Liberia

SIPU has been contracted by the Sida funded GROW Programme in Liberia to conduct a Sector Membership Organisational Needs Assessment. The expert team of Leif Danielsson and Christian Carlbaum will conduct needs assessments of six sector membership organisations within the sectors of rubber, vegetable, transport, cocoa, aquaculture, transport and oil palm.  The following step will develop an organisational institutional strengthening plan for each of these organisations. The team has ...

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Author: Christian Carlbaum Posted 3 months ago.

Evaluation of Norway's Support for Advocacy in the Development Policy Arena

Earlier this year, SIPU and its associate partner Overseas Development Institute (ODI), was contracted by Norad to conduct the “Evaluation of Norway's Support for Advocacy in the Development Policy Arena.” The assignment is managed by Christian Carlbaum at SIPU’s Evaluation Unit and led by Pierre Robert and Helen Tilley from ODI.

The evaluation seeks to identify the driving factors that determine the achievement of Norway’s advocacy outcomes and to ...

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Author: Christian Carlbaum Posted 3 months ago.

SIPU Reviews the UN Agencies’ Harmonisation Efforts in Vietnam

The One Plan 2012-2016 is the common programmatic framework for participating United Nations agencies in Viet Nam. It is aligned with national planning cycles, in particular the 2011-2015 Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP). The One Plan 2012-2016 sets out a focused and coherent joint programme of work in support of national priorities and is based on the comparative advantages of participating UN entities.

The One Plan 2012-2016 represents a continuing shift towards high ...

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Author: Viktoria Hildenwall Posted 3 months ago.
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SIPU Delivers Training at Sida Partnership Forum (SPF)

SIPU is supporting Sida Partnership Forum (SPF) in conducting training and network meetings. SPF is a unit at Sida's department Partnership and Innovation located in Härnösand. SPF provides education, training and platforms for increased synergies and capacity among development cooperation actors, as well as helps develop the Swedish resource base.

SIPU delivers lectures and facilitative support in the preparatory training for students and trainees whom are ...

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Author: Josua Falck Posted 8 months ago.
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Time to Make Some Choices in Norwegian Gender Aid?

This was the question asked at a recent high profile event where SIPU's evaluation of Norway’s support to women’s rights and gender equality in development cooperation was presented and discussed.

The launch event was held on the 13th of May at Norad in Oslo and attended by an audience of about 100 distinguished Norwegian policy-makers, academics, practitioners and evaluators. The evaluation, conducted by SIPU, in collaboration with the 

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Author: Michael Taylor Posted 9 months ago.
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The Rise and Fall of Results Management Reforms

On March 26th the SIPU Evaluation Unit launched its first event in a seminar series to celebrate the Year of Evaluation 2015. Janet Vähämäki presented her thesis “The Rise and Fall of Results Management Reforms in Swedish Development Cooperation” that examines consequences of the results agenda in the management of development cooperation.

The presented paper is part of the book "Politics of Evidence: Playing the games or changing the rules?

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Author: Josua Falck Posted 9 months ago.