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Welcome to FCG SIPU International AB

FCG SIPU International AB is a Swedish consultancy and training organisation specialising in capacity building and institutional development in transitional and developing countries. Our mission is to make our clients stronger so that they can accomplish the objectives they set for themselves. Our clients include public institutions, private companies as well as civil society organisations and our projects are funded by donor organisations such as the European Commission, the World Bank, Sida and other multilateral & bilateral donors.

SIPU, The Swedish Institute for Public Administration, was initially established in 1979 as a government agency providing training and consultancy services to the Swedish civil service. Today we are one of northern Europe’s leading consultants in the area of international development cooperation with operations in over 40 countries. 

Steeped as we are in Scandinavian traditions, we are also known for being able to apply a pragmatic approach to our services where we offer a range of international best practices adapted to what really works in the context of our clients. Our core areas comprise public sector development, market development, civil society development, as well as monitoring and evaluation services. We supply quality assured project management services, in-house expertise, and highly qualified international expertise to meet the development needs expressed by our clients in every project we are engaged in.

SIPU forms part of the Finnish Consultancy Group (FCG).

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